Natural sources of plant protein

If you play a lot of sport or exercise, getting the right amount of protein is necessary to feed those muscles.  Most of it can be got from our natural diet, but in a lot of cases you may need to consume extra protein depending on the level of exercise you’re doing.


Nowadays there are so many shortcuts for people looking to supplement their protein intake.  Supermarkets, convenience stores have an endless range of protein supplements in the form of snacks, bars and drinks, but are these the healthiest option?  We know they’re not, they are processed, contain plastic packaging and are expensive.  So we’re going to look at a range of vegan foods which are completely natural and high in protein.

To give you an idea how they compare we are going to list everything in grams of protein per 100 grams of food. Eg. Lean Chicken or beef contain 24 grams per 100 grams.


This famous Asian cuisine is also a famous plant protein source. What do you get when you coagulate soy milk and then press the resulting curds into soft white blocks?

Ill tell you what €“ 20g of protein per half cup. Impressive.

A selection on Goji Berries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cashew and Pistachio Nuts

Goji Berries


Hemp Seeds

hemp-seeds-spoon€œKing of the Seeds€, hemp seeds are the ultimate source of plant protein and a sure-fire way to ensure your body gets what it needs.

Per quarter cup you can expect to gain 15g of protein, and its not just your average protein, this is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids.

They are also a good source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which are detoxifying properties that are fantastic for skin, hair, and bone health.

Chia Seeds

chia-seeds (1)With just two tablespoons of these seeds harbouring 4g of protein, its easy to see why chia seeds are among the best sources of plant protein. Like hemp seeds, chia seeds have the complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids.

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Whats more, these little plant seeds contain 11g of fibre, act as a good source of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins, as well as being great for your nails, skin, and bones.


Quinoa burst onto the scene in recent years as a much-heralded superfood, and for good reason too.

Half a cup of these little world-beaters contains 14g of the same complete protein mentioned above. Not only are they great sources of plant protein, but are also carrying loads of potassium, magnesium, iron, Vitamin B6 and fibre.

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Legumes-resizedWhether its lupin, lentils, green peas, chickpeas, soy, broad beans, red, black or yellow beans, these are all loaded with plant protein.

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Depending on which legume you choose, each half cup contains anything between 15-26g of protein. They are also excellent sources of fibre, and phytonutrients, including anti-inflammatory quercetin, which is great for digestive health and blood sugar balance.


Nuts, fruits and berries are 100% natural and are loaded with nutritional goodies like vitamins, minerals and fibre and antioxidants.

Research has show that nearly all the below nuts can help prevent against things like heart disease, diabetes, aid weight loss and much more but were going to try stick to the nutritional content.

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Nuts highest in protein

Pumpkin and Squash seeds €“ 30g

high protein nuts

Pumpkin Seeds

Ok theyre not nuts but were including them anyway!  Along with their huge protein content, pumpkin seeds offer high levels of magnesium and zinc

Peanuts €“ 25g

Your standard cheap as chips peanut, contains high levels of protein, just stick to the unsalted and unroasted ones.

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Almonts €“ 21

These teeth crunchers are also high in fibre and a great source of natural vitamin E and magnesium.

Pistachios €“ 20

Pistachios taste great and may help improve other heart disease risk factors, including blood pressure, weight and oxidative status

Cashew Nuts €“ 15g

They also taste great, are loaded with protein and contain good levels of magnesium.

Walnuts €“ 15g

They may not be the easiest on the eye but they are super healthy and are a great source of the omega-3 fat.

Brazil Nuts €“ 14g

These tough nuts can live to be 1000 years old!  They are also an excellent source of selenium. They may also help reduce cholesterol levels, oxidative stress and inflammation.

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There is only one berry that we could find that was high in protein.  The rest do contain protein as well as a host of other nutritional qualities, but the goji berry is the protein winner,

berries high in protein

These claimed superfoods are super nutritious, they contain all eight essential amino acids, loaded with 11.3 grams of protein and are also a good source of Vitamin A, C, zinc and iron.

Prunes 2.2g

Peaches 1.5g

Figs 0.8g

If you know any other fruits or berries high in protein let us know!


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