Our Mission

humbertTalent Backer is an online stage, providing a specialised sports crowdfunding and sponsorship platform for anything sport related

Thousands of talented people with the drive and ability to succeed in the arts are held back due to a lack of funding. Competing, equipment, travel, hire of facilities, are just some of the drags, often forcing potential stars to give up on their dreams.

Through sports crowdfunding we can help our athletes, teams and clubs to become the best they can be, and allow you to join their journeys and share in their exciting projects.

– CEO, Richard Pearson

Our platform

Our sports crowdfunding platform gives talented people the chance to raise money to pursue their dreams.  At the same time they build their profile and fanbase through their fundraising campaign on Talent Backer, providing them with more solid support as they continue their careers.

We bring athletes, fans and commercial sponsors all together online

For Project Starters:

Rather than fundraise by traditional methods, why not go online and reach a massive audience! It’s simple; create your sports crowdfunding campaign and then let everyone know about it. We will help you build your sports funding project through videos, photos and through social media. This will give individuals and organisations a chance to get to know who you are. It’s a great way to connect with your fans and supporters and take them on the journey with you! You will generate the funds you need to do what you do best. By using Talent Backer, you will also enhance your profile and increase your fanbase. Start your arts crowdfunding project today.

For more info contact info@pledgesports.org

For Project Supporters:

By supporting your chosen sports person or project, you are having a direct impact on their careers and helping them achieve their dreams. YOU can be a part of their journey and share in their success. To show their appreciation and gratitude for your donation, you will receive a reward for your contribution. This can be anything from a personalised thank you to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why not get involved and select an arts person or project to find out more. Be inspired!



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