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The most popular sports in Spain

The importance of sport in Spanish culture is enormous: it is practiced, seen and promoted with pride. There are many internationally recognized Spanish athletes, there are many people who incorporate sports practice into their daily lives and there are even many tourists who come to Spain attracted by events or sports complexes. But what are those […]

12th November 2020 read full article

Saving England Rugby Sevens

As we all know Rugby Sevens was a massive hit at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, it was by far the most popular ‘new’ sport added and got global coverage.  The addition of sevens rugby delighted sevens and rugby union fans alike, and helped sell rugby globally. Fast forward 4 years and the Covid-19 pandemic […]

16th September 2020 read full article

Post match recovery tips

From an amateur to professional level, any match or sport that involves an intensive session, results in a tired mind and body.   And nothing is more important post match than physical recovery. There are various things that you can do to refresh yourself and recover. These different techniques will help you with optimum recovery.  Stretching A […]

11th September 2020 read full article

Most Popular NFL Teams

When it comes to sports in the USA, NFL is king.  The NFL has the biggest commercial deals, it’s the biggest league by revenue and has the most valuable franchises compared to the NBA, MLB, NHL.  The season is finished every year with the Super Bowl which is one on the 5 biggest annual sort […]

5th August 2020 read full article

Different running workouts and categories

There is so much you can write on running but in this post we’re going to focus on the different running disciplines and workouts.  Firstly let’s look at some some popular running workouts that anyone can try. Intervals Interval workouts consist of repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogs or standing recoveries.  […]

17th July 2020 read full article

Legendary sports underdog stories

  Underdogs are the unexpected winners that give everyone that sense of possibility. Against the most fantastic of odds, underdogs come seemingly from nowhere to cinch unexpected wins in history-making events. Prepare to be inspired, anything is possible! Leicester City Won the Premier League Title Leicester City was nearly relegated to the Football League Championship the […]

13th July 2020 read full article

T20 Cricket Success

  Cricket is a quintessentially English sport, but because of the popularity of the sports in the heavily populated countries of Pakistan and India, it’s now one of the 10 most popular sports globally.  But there are many people who find it to be boring and it has never managed to reach the global reach of […]

24th June 2020 read full article

The greatest Nascar drivers of all time

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR, is big in the USA, not nearly as big as the NFL, NBA, MLB but it’s still a giant. NASCAR reportedly makes $660 million per year in television revenue, and the Daytona 500 which the Super Bowl of NASCAR races, brings in a reported $2 billion […]

23rd June 2020 read full article

The most extreme races on earth

There are the big races that all sports fans know about, in athletics there’s marathons, in motorsport theres circuit racing, in cycling there’s the epic Tour de France.  But there are other races out there that make this lot look like a walk in the park! We’re talk Ultra Marathons + 100 miles +,  footraces […]

19th June 2020 read full article

5 great reasons to go cycling!

  We all know that exercise is a vital part of well being, both mentally and physically .  Cycling along with running is one of the world’s most accessible exercises, and people cycle for many reasons, fitness, weight loss, as a mode of transport and what ever else. Musician John Lennon claimed it made him […]

18th June 2020 read full article

Natural sources of plant protein

If you play a lot of sport or exercise, getting the right amount of protein is necessary to feed those muscles.  Most of it can be got from our natural diet, but in a lot of cases you may need to consume extra protein depending on the level of exercise you’re doing. Nowadays there are […]

10th June 2020 read full article

The biggest European football Derbies

There something about local derbies that are captivating, it’s always a master rivalry that can be traced back in a lot of cases, centuries.  The reasons for this arch rivalry are the result of many things – Religious divide in some cases, in other cases just 2 competing cities or even universities,  local local bragging […]

8th June 2020 read full article


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