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Importance of Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

Rewards are essential to any crowdfunding campaign. They show your appreciation for the contributions you’re receiving, and they also create an important incentive for new supporters. Rewards can be anything, so long as you can provide them– it is your responsibility to ensure the rewards are delivered, and that the options you choose are interesting, attractive, and gratifying to […]

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How to Utilise Social Media for Your Campaign

Social Media is where you share your story most, all of your social media pages should be full of your info and your content. but it doesn’t stop when you have your accounts set up, you should be posting on each platform regularly. It sounds tedious, but it’s completely free and it’s going to be […]

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The Four Circles Of Crowdfunding

There are four main circles of people in relation to your crowdfunding campaign: Your Close Friends and Family, Your Peers, Colleagues, Friendly Acquaintances Friends of Friends The Crowd The importance of each of these to your campaign is outlined below!     To download the Circles of Crowdfunding click the following link: CIRCLES PDF

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A Guide to Creating Your Talent Backer Campaign

        To download our Talent Backer Campaign Guide please click the link below. Talent Backer Guide (Updated)

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How To Crowdfund Successfully

HAVING helped start and fund 100s of campaigns on PledgeSports, TalentBacker’s new owner and CEO Richard Pearson knows what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now he’s letting the cat out of the bag by giving you his best hints for how to crowdfund successfully in this handy Q&A. Let’s begin… How To Crowdfund Successfully What’s […]

25th April 2016 read full article


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