The 10 most popular sports in Ireland

Sport in Ireland is forever growing and this is due to the great success we have had as a country in multiple sporting disciplines over the past decade. The huge success brings greater popularity in sport and we are extremely proud of that.  With that in mind, we take a look at the 10 most popular sports in Ireland that continue to grow in popularity each day.

Soccer –

Soccer in Ireland has always been near the top of the most popular sports to be played and watched in the country. We like to get behind our nation in the international games and cheer them on. Whether it is in participation or spectating, people adore the game. According to Irish Sport Monitor annual report, 4.8% of adults over 15 participate in Soccer throughout the country and this number is forever growing exponentially.

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Gaelic Football –

mostpopularsportsinireland Gaelic football has always been one of most popular sports in Ireland without a doubt. From an early age you are most certain to have picked up a Gaelic football and played for your local team. It is the most attended sport in country with over 30% of sports attendances. A quite remarkable statistic for an amateur sport in a country so small.

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Golf –

mostpopularsportsinireland Golf is one the most played sports in the country amongst young and old. Rory McIlroy is one Irelands and indeed the world’s best golfers finest golfers with 4 majors to his name. His hosting of the Irish Open has helped grow the game in the country and attract the younger generation to take up a club and start playing.

Shane Lowry is also a massive name in world golf and both men follow in the footsteps of Padraig Harrington and Greame McDowell cementing the growth and popularity of golf in Ireland

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Hurling –

mostpopularsportsinireland Regarded as “the fastest game on earth”, hurling is played by two teams equipped with sticks (hurleys), chasing a small ball across a football-sized field. Hurling is native to Ireland is hugely popular in the GAA community. You have to extremely brave, skilled and fit to play this tremendous sport.

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Rugby –

mostpopularsportsinireland With over 8% of total attendances last year, Rugby in Ireland is very popular. Almost all schools, colleges and local communities compete in the game. The continued success of the Irish Rugby team has helped grow the popularity of the game also. A study from 2009, even showed that over 70% of the Irish population felt that Ireland winning their first Grand Slam since 1948 was one of the biggest sporting achievements in the country. Ireland are now consistently ranked in the top 5 in world rugby.

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Volleyball –

mostpopularsportsinireland Volleyball in Ireland is becoming hugely popular. It is a sport that is very fun and full of energetic action and also requires huge skill. A recent survey shows that over 100,000 children play volleyball at post-primary school level with this number continuously growing. Also over 400 schools are currently affiliated to the Volleyball Association Of Ireland which whom are trying to increase this number over the next few years.

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Boxing –

mostpopularsportsinireland Boxing, which was once one of Ireland’s most popular sports is now regaining popularity. With more and more Irish success during the recent Olympic games and also on the Pro circuit. We have seen the rise of some superstars like female boxer Katie Taylor who has begun her professional career extremely well and is currently the lightweight champion of the world. With continued Irish success the sport is always growing from strength to strength in popularity.

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Equestrian –

mostpopularsportsinireland The various equestrian sports have a sizeable following in Ireland. These sports include show jumping, eventing, dressage, endurance riding, para-equestrian, polo and carriage driving. Cian O’Connor aiding us to a bronze medal in the London Olympics has helped increase the popularity of show jumping significantly in the country, with participation numbers increasing every year.

Cricket –

mostpopularsportsinireland The rapidly-growing popularity of cricket in Ireland is showing no signs of slowing down. Over the last 3 years, junior participation numbers have more than doubled. They amount of cricket teams in Ireland has gone from 800 to well over 1,000 in the last few years also. With continued success in the Cricket World Cup, Irish Cricket is growing in popularity every day and has now over 25,000 children taking up the game last year.

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