Athletes reaction to Corona Virus

The COVID-19 Pandemic is wreaking havoc upon the world.  Restrictions are making it very hard to deal with, socialising has been made impossible, playing sport is not really and option and gyms are closed.  We reached out to a few athletes on PledgeSports to get their reaction on the current crisis and the postponement of the one event everyone is striving to get to – The Tokyo Summer Olympics, or now known as Tokyo 2020 + 1!

David Coleman is a Winter Olympian for Team GB in Bobsleigh.   After the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics he wrote a best selling book “Live to inspire” in an attempt to help others through mental health issues as well as to provide some support for athletes and myself with coping strategies.  Here’s what David had to say about the current situation:

David Coleman

€œSelf isolating is tricky, not being able to access my coach as well as facilities. However I see this as a positive time that will allow all of us to learn new skills. I am using down time to learn more about specific areas in my knowledge as well as support others with programming.


As an athlete I try to get my body to adapt to perform a specific skills to the best of its ability. Without specific facilities available this becomes a significant challenge. However much like our bodies we must adapt and overcome in the face of adversity. Training doesnt stop it just takes a different route for the time being.€



Heike Holstein is a dressage rider who has represented Ireland at 3 Olympic Games, and a 13 times national champion.

The virus is affecting me as a rider in different ways. First of all the Olympics has been postponed so that sets our targets much further away.

All competitions are cancelled or postponed, so as a rider I have to plan the fitness and training of my horses accordingly.   As the travel restrictions get more strict, (I presume we will follow UK) people cannot drive to lessons, so like every self employed person, that affects my income too.

On a plus note, I have a lot more time to spend with my family and to clean, tidy, garden, cook etc.  These are very difficult times for everyone, with the priority being our health. And hopefully this will pass in the coming weeks and we can return to normal.

Jen Broughall is a  footgolfer €“ a sport that combines both football and golf

€˜With all golf courses shut and only being allowed to go out for once a day for a run or walk it looks pretty bleak for a lot of athletes. Appreciate I am in a different situation to most, footgolf isnt my job, I feel for those athletes that are full time and are struggling to keep training towards their goals.For me I can practice putting in the back garden and do some circuits at home. Whilst its not ideal preparation for what was meant to be my biggest year in footgolf its all I can do right now.There are more important things in the world than footgolf right now, hoping my family and friends stay safe over this stressful period. If anyone wants to chat or ask me questions find me at JB Footgolf on Facebook, happy to talk to anyone.

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