Sports you can do on your own

In this new era of social distancing new rules apply, in most countries gyms are closed, as are sports clubs even public sports grounds, so forget about team sports, we now need to look at sports where we don’t need other humans involved

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Water Sports

If your restriction rules it, the water is a great place to try some solo sports.  The most popular ones include surfing which is very much wave dependant so you’ll need to be coastal.  SUP or stand up paddle boarding. stand up paddle boarding is a great one to try, you can do SUP on a river, lake or at sea so it’s a lot more accessible than surfing.

Wind surfing and kite surfing are 2 other popular ones that can be done on lakes or sea.

Canoeing / kayaking are the other water sports you can do solo, they match SUP for versatility as you can get out and paddle on a lake, river or sea.

Cycling / Mountain biking

Bike sports are much more accessible than water sports, if you have a bike of course!  Cycling can be done virtually anywhere so it’s perfect for both rural and urban dwellers alike.  Mountain bikes can be used anywhere but as the name states, it’s a sport that’s best suited to the hills and mountains.


Easily the most popular solo sport, and the most accessible sport in the world, running is accessible to everybody and can be done on any surface or location from cities to mountains.  The physical and mental benefits of running are well documented,  all you need is a pair of runners and youre off, and if you happen to live near a beach then you don’t even need shoes!  In the current Corona Virus pandemic, running has been a saviour to a lot of people trying to keep fit.

Hiking / Climbing

Hiking is a great want to get some exercise and de stress and reconnecting with mother nature if your restriction laws allow it, you can either go with a friend (observing social distancing of course) or get out on your own.  Climbing is another great solo sport just lake sure you let someone know your going in case of emergencies.

Home workouts


There are no end to the types of exercises you can do in your own home.  You can do the standard body weight exercises like squats, pull ups, press ups and sit ups, or if you want to add resistance use weight or bands.

Yoga / Pilates

With the free availably of free yoga and pilates classes online, these two have become very popular all you need is a matt and an internet connection.  There are lot’s of differences between yoga and pilates but once you get the basics right then can both be enjoyable, relaxing and great exercise.

If you have any more ideas for solo sports, please get in touch.

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