Sax/mouthpiece Fund in time for Infinity Big Band Gig! (20th August)


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I’m Kat Browning (Katmuss is a nickname I have, and I kinda like it!); I was brought up on music by musician parents. I started formal lessons on Clarinet at age 8, and quickly developed interests in jazz and folk as well as the more ‘classical’ route. The jazz side of things led to me playing in a big band on Baritone Saxophone, then moving onto lead alto.
I played these saxophones and even clarinets in numerous Big Bands over the years, namely the Leeds College of Music Latin Big Band and the award-winning Contemporary Big Band, led by big names such as Omar Puente and Mark Donlon, respectively.
Whilst the formal training continued on clarinet, I have been largely self-taught on the saxophone, and people trust that I am able to deliver a high quality sound and technical ability in many styles from jazz, to funk, to salsa, to ska and many more besides!
Since then, and due to my multi-instrumentalism I have had to fund the purchase of numerous instruments, specifically including a pair of professional clarinets (c. £4,000), and a professional bass clarinet (c. £8,500 – this is still not paid off!). I also own alto and bari saxes, as well as a lute, all of which are essential in being able to offer ‘tripling’ as a performance service, which is often required for woodwind players in and around the Manchester area!
I’m looking for funding to enable to pay for a tenor sax (£500 worth – not much considering!) which I have already put a downpayment of £120.
I need help with the remaining £380 – if I manage to surpass this goal, I will put any funds raised towards a new  Otto Link Tenor Mouthpiece!
The reason I need this help so badly is because I have been working tirelessly to promote myself as a freelancer; I have no capital towards essential pieces of kit such as this, as I pretty much live hand to mouth, if not worse; my parents are also self-employed and are in no position to help me. My boyfriend is supporting me as best he can but again short of being understanding with the rent, there is not much else he can do either.
Bass clarinet Bangor NMF 2013

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