Exciting Duo ‘He Knows She Knows’ Trying To Raise Funds For Equipment To Tour

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We are an engaged couple passionate about music, both our lives now revolve around creating, entertaining and inspiring. As a band we go by the name He Knows She Knows. Together we have achieved quite a lot in a very short space of time, gaining a loyal online following from all over the world. We as a band have been going 7 months and racked up thousands of views on social media as well as being featured on prime time TV both here in the UK and in the US.


We now would like the opportunity to take what we’ve built and give back, we plan on using the money from crowdfunding and setting up a school tour, were we would talk to the students about using music to overcome depression and anxiety like both of us have, and obviously put on a big inspiring performance for them. we wouldn’t make any money from this school tour but we remember when artists came in to our school and made huge impacts on our lives, so we hope we can do the same for a few young people.


A modest PA system would cost approx £1500 and if we were pledged more it would all go to creating a bigger and better show for the youth.


Thank You For Your Continued Support.


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