The Top Football Leagues In The World

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Football or soccer as it’s called in some countries is the world’s most played and most watched sport. The sport is the main sport in many countries through out the world except for a few major ones, China, Canada, Australia and the USA where the NFL, NBA , baseball and hockey rule.

Here’s a look inside the most popular leagues globally:

Premier League

The English Premier League is made up of 20 teams and is the most followed football league in the world, it’s also the biggest football league by revenue but well behind the American sports leagues.  The league houses some of the richest football clubs in the world too, these clubs like Manchester United, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool have been dominated the league since it began in 1992.

Since 1992 there have only been a total of 6 different Premier League winners. Manchester United have dominated the league by winning an incredible 13 Premier League trophies.

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La Liga

The Spanish league may not be as popular as the English Premier League but its still a giant and 2 of the world richest football clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona play in it, these Spanish giants are two of the biggest team rivalries in sport.  La Liga is the second biggest football league in both following and revenue.

There are 20 teams in La Liga and for years they had the two best football players to thank for it’s massive success.  Lionel Messi has spent his career at Barcelona while, Cristiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid for many years before moving to Juventus.  The two legends are the most followed athletes on the planet who their relative clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona are the most followed team on social media globally.

The biggest football leagues by revenue


German football league just announced that the 18 clubs total revenue of just over 4 billion euros ($4.33 billion) making it number 3 in terms of revenue.

The Bundesliga has had a long history, with the most successful club, Bayern Munich, entertaining fans since 1860.  Teams like Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, Bayer Leverkusen, and Borussia Monchengladbach have also attracted many millions of fans fans, both at home and from other countries around the world. 

With 42,738 tickets sold per game in the top division, it is the most-attended league in the world.

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Serie A

Italys top-flight domestic league features long-dominating teams like Juventus, Lazio, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, and AS Roma. 

in 2019 Serie A signed a 3 year domestic tv deal with Sky Italia & Media pro which is worth a reported ‚¬1.3 billion per per year.  The broadcasting deal is one of the biggest in footballing history other than the English Premier League and the Bundesliga Serie A has a massive following in Europe and beyond, especially with teams such as AC Milan dominating European competitions for years.

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Champions League

Every year 32 of the top teams in Europe are drawn into eight groups of four teams and play each other in a double round-robin system.  This is the pinnacle of European football and the cup that every team wants to win.

The best European football teams

Brazilian Championship

Mexici may have the richest league in South America but the Brazilian – Brasileiro is the most popular.  Giants like São Paulo, Palmeiras and Corinthians and the other big teams attract tens of millions of fans every time they play.  The Brasileiro is the number one league in the world when it comes to producing emerging superstars.

The fastest growing football leagues

China Super League

Theres a sleeping giant in the world of football and its called the China Super League, it currently ranks 14th among professional sports leagues in the world by revenue and is now and the 6th highest professional association football league in the world, behind Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Liga MX and is growing rapidly.

There are currently 16 teams competing for this season, and the Super League starts in March and ends in December.

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Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer €“ MLS is the top tier mens professional soccer league in the United States and Canada.  The MLS plays 5th to the traditional sports €“ NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL.  But its catching up fast.  The league comprises 26 teams€”23 in the U.S. and 3 in Canada and there are plans expand the league to 30 teams by 2022.  The Seattle Sounders FC are the current MLS Cup holders and LA Galaxy are the most successful team in the MLS with 5 wins.

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