The Best White-Water Rafting Around The World

Rafting is an awesome sport, surrounded by both danger and beauty in some of the planets most stunning locations.  It’s a great idea for a holiday for those who want that x factor!  We’re extremely lucky to have so many options in countries all around the world with exceptionally good whitewater rafting facilities on offer.  If you seek both thrill and adventure then white-water rafting is the sport for you.

PledgeSports bring you some of the best white-water rafting locations around the world!

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Colorado River, Grand Canyon, – United States

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The Colorado River, which winds for 226 miles through Colorado, Utah and Arizona, is the quintessential rafting destination. This surely is one of the ultimate expeditions in the world, it has after all, carved out the Grand Canyon over time. A highlight of this river is the Class V Gore Canyon. This trip is not just about the whitewater, when you have the time in between tackling rapids, the flat sections provide you a rather special view of the canyon. The Grand Canyon is easily top of everyone’s bucket list and is for sure the ideal place for the best white-water rafting.

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Zambezi River – Zimbabwe

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The Batoka Gorge, where the Zambezi boils and churns its way over 23 rapids in a 15-mile (24-kilometer) stretch below the Victoria Falls, gives Africas most thrilling white-water experience against one of the most dramatic river backdrops in the world. Africas most famous big water river is loaded with big Class IV-V rapids that rarely allow a raft through without wreaking havoc. The Batoka Gorge is a force to be reckoned with and is for sure the best white-water rafting destination.

Ottawa River – Canada

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The Ottawa River, which divides Quebec and Ontario, is regarded as a top destination for rafters of all skill levels. While majority of the river stretch is largely flat and calm, there are some surprising rapids that will entice any level of rapid rider. The Ottawa River will provide you with a great experience no matter what. If visiting the area you are sure to enjoy one of the best white-water rafting locations in the world.

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Pacuare River – Costa Rica

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The Pacuare River of Costa Rica is enveloped in a lush tropical rainforest. Winding 67 miles through three sections, the river has rapids classed from III to IV. The warm water, cascading waterfalls, and opulently lush rainforest with its brilliantly colored plants, animals, and birds indulge your senses on every level.

Middle Fork, Salmon River – United States

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This is one of the worlds most popular white-water rivers, with everything to offer you. It weaves its way through the 2.7million acre Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness which is the largest roadless tract of land in the US. Perfect for beginner rafters looking for adventure with big drops, heaps of action and technical paddling.

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Magpie River – Canada

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Rafting down the Magpie in eastern Québec offers the chance to see more than just stunning secluded forests, intriguing wildlife and the impressive Magpie Falls €“ you might also catch a glimpse of the wonders of the aurora borealis. Your first rapids come as you leave the lake for the Magpie River, and from then on they grow in difficulty until you reach the challenge of Class V rapids downriver from the spectacular Magpie Falls.

Noce River – Italy

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Fed by melting Alpine glaciers, the Noce tumbles through the wild, remote Val di Sole  in the Dolomites of northern Italy.These incredible rapids are often regarded as the best in Europe, with challenging slopes and bends that require a vast amount of skill. The navigable 28km of the river can be done in one adrenalin­-pumped day.

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Futalef̼ River РChile


Regarded as the best rapids in all of South America, is the located within the Futalefú River. Fed from the glacier-fed lakes in the Andes Mountains, the upper section is reserved solely for experienced paddlers with many Class IV drops, but the lower, easier 22 mile stretch at the bottom is more assessable to people with less experience.

North Johnstone River – Australia

North Johnstone River

Is the North Johnstone River the The Best White-Water Rafting location in the world? Deep in the lush volcanic gorge of North Queenslands Palmerston National Park runs 80km of the North Johnstone River, offering Grade IV and V rapids which are boosted by the regions heavy rainfall. On what normally is a 4-day trip from beginning to end, you will experience everything the Australian wilderness has to offer, ranging from jungle life to Aboriginal burial sites and more. A bonus thrill is the helicopter ride taking you to the start of the course, which is accessible only by air.

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