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Trail Running is not just only about racing, nowadays trail running has become more and more popular amongst athletes of all ages. People who love running enjoy the authentic, off-the-beaten-track travel experiences and learning about new cultures from countries all across the globe. They also seek out the most epic runs, the best sights and the most unique travel experiences to create destination running vacations unlike any other.

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Whether you want to walk, run or race them, here are the most awe inspiring and best trail running locations around the world.

Connemara to Cork – Ireland

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This is the land of dramatic coastal cliffs, cozy pubs, crumbling castles, oft-moody weather, astoundingly green hills, rich traditions. Ireland provides every runner with a sensational experience with it’s unique landscape and culture to go with it. If you never been to the Emerald Isle then you need to add this trip to your bucket list as it is one of the best trail running locations in Europe. Each day incorporates a new run with new views and new terrain €“ encapsulating the scenic view from the cliffs of Moher, runners can then cruise on quiet country roads around the Ring of Kerry before landing up in the lively Cork City by the end of the adventure.

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Marrakech to the Sahara – Morocco

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Exploring the North African regions of Marrakech is an incredible experience for any adventure runner. The Marrakech markets, pass over the snow-capped High Atlas mountains, stroll through surrealistic palm oases and play on the giant sand dunes in the surrounding Sahara. The running route let’s you take in the beauty of the desert region and get a full on flavour of the Morrocan lifestyle. This is a must go place if you are seeking a new challenge and if you enjoy the hot climate then Morocco is definitely a must on your bucket list.

Tierra del Fuego – Patagonia

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There are few places with such wild, raw beauty, and running gives us a chance to get up close and personal with this majestic landscape. The trails and roads are quiet and endless, the pace of life is as relaxed as it comes. Trek through Torres del Paine for a couple of days and explore the rugged landscape and thundering glaciers. The landscape alone is enough to take your breath away. Patagonia is one of the best places on the planet for a run, walk or hill climb.

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Reykjavik – Iceland

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Iceland is hands down one of the best trail running locations in the world. Starting and ending in Reykjavik, a full tour takes you usually eight days.  In doing so you get to experience such natural wonders as Dettifoss which is Europes most powerful waterfall. Also you will get to see expansive canyon of Ásbyrgi. Not only this but all runners can explore energy-charged glaciers and soothe your muscles in steaming geothermal hot springs surrounded by lava fields and experience Icelandic food and culture while visiting remote and iconic fishing villages and mountain huts.

Picton to Motuek – New Zealand

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Famous for it’s iconic landscape as seen in the Jurassic Park movies, New Zealand is probably number 1 of the best trail running locations around the world. Travelling top to the the south of New Zealand, over a couple of days you can cruise through native beech forests, then run around magical Lake Rotoiti, ascend and descend some meaty climbs and cruise along open ridge tops and high alpine tarns. Take in all of New Zealand’s natural landscape and appreciate all it’s beauty.

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Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

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Dubbed €œThe Roof of Africa,€ you can trail the mighty Mount Kilimanjaros lower slopes and experience a run to remember. You can join the famous Kilimanjaro stage run and run 13 to 28 miles a day, this physically demanding event is best suited to those with ultrarunning experience. This is a trip that all hardcore runners must do in their lifetime!

Bend, Oregon – United States


Exploring the Bend landscape and taking in the scenic views is what makes this trail running course one of the best in the United States. Tailored towards the small group trip, the city adores epic trail running, home-cooked meals, sweeping mountain views and more than a few opportunities to kick back and enjoy a local brew. This is an excellent trip for both relaxed hike/running and those who want to get in some serious trail training.

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