Bucket List – Best Hiking Trails around The World

Hiking in the great outdoors might just be about the healthiest of things you can do both physically and mentally.  People love hiking (we included!) as it gives you just more than just a breath of fresh air and great exercise, that physical open space can have a peaceful and refreshing effect for any hiker, it helps you get away from the so called “crowdness” of every day life and gives you a chance to explore all ends of the world.

We’re big outdoor lovers at PledgeSports, and feel it’s extremely important to get out hit those hills and stay fit and healthy. No better way to do this than hiking, it can give anyone a great sense of self sufficiency and self accomplishment when you reach the end of a trail.

With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of some of the best hiking trails in the world for you. Time to add some of these extraordinary places to your bucket list!

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Everest Base Camp Trek – Nepal

When to Hike – March to May / September to November

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One of the most popular hikes in all of the world and definitely top of many people’s bucket list is to climb Mount Everest. The hike begins at 9,000 feet as you are flown in by air to a small village called Lukla. The length of the hike is around 40 miles or 60 kilometres. The hike itself is a tremendous scene, you witness some magnificent sights along the way along with some ancient Buddhist monasteries. You’ll be fully immersed in local culture whilst travelling through villages of Namche Bazaar and Cho le Pass.

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Tour Du Mont Blanc – France, Italy and Switzerland

When to Hike – Summer months

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Often regarded as the “rooftop of Western Europe” – the Mont Blanc hiking trail is one of the most spectacular hikes in all of the world. As you travel through 3 different countries and several mountain passes you can witness some of the most dramatic glaciers and sights the hike has to offer. The hike is a long one, at 100 miles in length you may take a few days in between to take in the culture and experience each country in more depth. So if you’re passionate about alpine meadows and glacial valleys, this hike is a must for you.


Pacific Crest Trail – California

When to Hike – April to October

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A hike that may take a few months to fully complete is one that never fails to disappoint. Trek through 7 national parks and numerous national forests, you begin the crazy journey in the hot dry Mojave desert and finish in the lush mountains of the British Columbia. To complete this hike in one long swoop is challenging. We recommend you plan your trip well and it will become a much more doable task. Most hikers begin this hike along the Mexican border in April and ideally finish by October to avoid the heavy snowfall.

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Te Araroa Trail – New Zealand

When to Hike – October to April

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New Zealand is famous for its diverse landscapes, and the Te Araroa links close to 2,000 miles of coastal sand, alpine ridges, and jungle bushwhacks traversing national parks and farmland and winding past volcanoes. Many landscape photographers and adventure filmmaker’s adore this hike as it provides you with some of the most incredible shots. All the scenery is just so picturesque and something that takes time to sink in as you climb the great mountains.

Inca Trail – Peru

When to Hike – May to September

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One of the most incredible hiking trails in all of the world is the Inca Trail located in Peru. 26 miles is all it takes to cover some of the most dramatic inclines and declines. Explore some of the ancient jungle ruins and beautiful scenery and not to forget the end hike of Machu Picchu. If you want to do it right, 4 days will take you through the hike from start to finish. This hike is a must on your bucket list!

The Torres del Paine €œW€ Circuit – Chile

When to Hike – October to April, All of July

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Ranging from 37 miles to 50 miles in length in the popular “W” circuit of the Torres del Paine. You get a chance to see volcanic peaks, glaciers, and beautiful lakes. The hike roughly takes 4-6 days to complete but to take in all the beauty of the trek, ensure you do this hike during their winter months and you will see over 1,000 less people on the trail.

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Appalachian Trail – United States

When to Hike – Year round

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The Appalachian Trail is one of the most famous long-distance hikes in the United States. The trail runs 2,190 miles through 14 states. Thousands of thru-hikers (long-distance hikers) attempt to do it each year, but only a handful complete it. Some sites youll see as you walk include Bear Mountain in New York, Killington Peak in Vermont and the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa

When to Hike – January, February or September

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Top of many people’s bucket list and one of the most popular and best hiking trails around the world is the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. At 35 miles long and roughly takes 7 days or more to complete, this is Africa’s highest peak at 19,340 feet tall. With “Kilimanjaro” translating to the “Mountain of Greatness” in English it is surely that. A view from above the clouds is what every die hard hiker is looking forward to when summiting the mountain.

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Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike – United States

When to Hike – March to May, September to November

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The world’s most iconic landscape of the Grand Canyon is hugely popular among tourists and hikers alike. The hike gives you an in-depth look at one of the Earth’s greatest features. The hike lasts from 4 to 6 days and is over 40 miles in length. Be prepared for the hot desert weather but it surely a hike that is on everyone’s bucket list.

Kungsleden – Sweden

When to Hike – August to September

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Located in Sweden, the “King’s Trail” as it is known is a 275 mile traverse. You can witness some of the amazing landscape that Sweden has to offer. The large open tundra, the huge glaciers and venture up Sweden’s highest peak called Mount Kebnekaise. Be prepared for the cold weather, but if you love snow and ice, this is surely one of the best hiking trails there is.

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