The Best Sports For Fitness

For those who want to change their lives and increase their fitness levels, we at PledgeSports want to answer the age old question – €œWhat are the best sports for fitness?€

We have a list of the best sports that you may or may not know help increase your overall fitness levels dramatically. The great thing is you do not need the fancy equipment to able to play these sports just some hard work and dedication will see you over the line and increase your overall fitness.

Running –


Yes, you have guessed it, running may seem daunting at first but with slow progression and discipline you can actually get really addicted to running whether it be indoors or out for a run in the park or competitively as sport. There is actually a thing called €œRunners High€ that shows the more we run, our brains pump out endocannabinoids, cannabis-like molecules that keep runners happy€”and hooked. So keep up running, it burns crazy amount of calories, increases your vitamin D levels and helps you improve your fitness levels vastly.

The best exercises for fitness

Cycling –

Cycling just like running can become an addiction, whether it be mountain biking or road racing you can always add that competitive edge to riding a bike that makes the sport more enjoyable. Cycling is one the best cardiovascular exercises out there, if you can take up cycling as a sport you will notice your fitness levels greatly increase.

Tennis –


Tennis is a sport that may go under the radar as a sport that is great for fitness. Surprisingly, tennis is one the most demanding sports in the world both physically and mentally. You need to be incredibly fit to obtain concentration over those 5 set marathons. Not only do you need excellent fitness level but also great hand-eye co-ordination, stamina and power. So you want get outside and increase your fitness levels, tennis is the sport you should play, just grab a racket and a ball!

The best sports for weight loss 

Boxing –

I guess we all know the hard work and dedication that boxers do before fights. The training camps that you undergo as a professional boxer can be extremely intense and physically demanding. As a boxer, you are constantly moving at speed and exerting energy through punching, any boxer of any level will tell you that taking blow after blow from an opponent doubles the speed at which energy drains from your body. Obviously, you do not have to go into the extreme depths that professional boxers go into before fights to increase your fitness, you could just obtain certain boxing exercises in your workouts to obtain those incredible fitness levels.

We answer the much debated question “Which sport has the fittest athletes”

Soccer –


It may not be an individual sport but it is definitely one of the most demanding team sports you can play. As a soccer player you may average 7 miles per game €“ including sprints, constant change of direction, tactical awareness, physically battling opposition players, dribbling and kicking a ball. Players also need to develop a large anaerobic capacity to cope with running at high-intensity and sprinting speeds. Until you play the sport on a full size pitch and some kind of a competitive level you will soon realise the extreme fitness levels that are required to withstand 90 minutes of running around after a ball.

The best sports for endurance

Squash –


If you have never played Squash before, you are in for hours of endless competitive fun. It is a sport that requires many attributes such as agility, speed and endurance. Combine this extreme stamina levels with excellent skill you may do very well at this particular sport. As it is mainly played indoors, you are guaranteed to sweat bucket loads and your body is going to turn into a full blown calorie burning machine. Without a doubt, Squash is one of the best sports for fitness!


Cross Country Skiing –

Some may think that alpine skiers are just out playing in the snow but when it comes to fitness and endurance it is one the most difficult sports to compete in. Cross country skiing for that matter ensures you that you are in for that overall body workout. You will need excellent stamina to handle those uphill slopes coupled with excellent core and upper body strength. So next time you need a unique sport to tackle, try cross country skiing as it will surely benefit you with your overall fitness.

Mixed Martial Arts –


It is hard to argue that MMA is one the fittest sports out there. Not only, do you need to be a very good fighter to succeed in mixed martial arts but your body has to be in peak condition to withstand 5 minutes rounds of continuous absorbing damage to the body. MMA fighters tend to have a strong lower and upper body and excellent core conditioning.

No exercise machine can compare to the speed at which MMA burns calories. You can burn up to 600 calories in a single 45 minute striking class alone. This is also stand for grappling class and so on. So you think you are brave enough to take on MMA, it is an incredible sport to be part of when trying to increase your fitness levels.

The 10 most dangerous sports

Basketball –

Basketball is one of the best sports for fitness, the stop start nature of the game helps you burn those calories and strengthen up your overall cardiovascular system. One may not think playing the game is difficult but running constantly up and down the court requires incredible endurance and stamina. Combine this with excellent skill to shoot hoops and defend the opposition can greatly increase your fitness.

Rugby –

Over the last 50 years, we have seen a huge change in the physicality of the modern rugby player. The elite players are now more lean, muscular and exceptionally fit. For 80 minutes each player must be mentally switched on and tactically aware of the game ahead. If you think you have the mind and body to tackle the rugby forefront then it wont let you down, just make sure your skills and fitness levels dont bring you down!

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