All-time Winter Olympics Medal Count

With the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang done and dusted, PledgeSports look at the most successful nations to ever compete in the Winter Olympics Games.

As the Winter Olympics continues to grow, there seems to be a growing distance between Norway and the rest. And interestingly Austria is slipping down the ranks winning only a 10 place medal haul at the 2018 games.

Check out the all-time Winter Olympics Medal Count by nation below –

Norway – 368 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Born with ski’s – Norway has won more medals in the Winter Olympics than any other nation since the games were first introduced in France in 1924. These incredible 368 medals post PyeongChang 2018  are made up of 132 Gold, 125 Silver and 111 Bronze medals. Norway were by far the most dominant winners at the 2018 Winter Olympics with a total of 39 medals.

United States – 305 Medals

winter olympics medal count

The United States are the nearest rivals to Norway when it comes to the most successful Winter Olympic nations. Hosting 4 Olympics Games, the United States have accumulated 282 medals – 105 Gold, 110 Silver and 90 Bronze.

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Germany – 259 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Third on the list of the Winter Olympics medal count is Germany with 228 medals. These figures do not include medals won by the East and West Germany which summed to 149 medals respectively. Of the 228 medals, 96 were Gold, 94 Silver and 65 were Bronze.

Austria – 232 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Image – Winter Olympics in Austria 1964. 

Austria have competed in 22 Winter Olympics since 1924, winning 218 medals in the process. 65 of the medals were Gold, 81 Silver and 87 Bronze. Fun fact, Austria has won more medals in alpine skiing than any other nation.

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Soviet Union – 194 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Image – 1988 Winter Olympics Ice-Hockey team

With 9 appearances at the Winter Olympics, their first coming in 1954, the Soviet Union has racked up an impressive medal tally of 194 medals. 78 Gold medals, 57 Silver and 59 Bronze make up the total.

Canada – 199 Medals

winter olympics medal count

The country’s greatest performance was as host of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where they achieved 26 medals which was two more than their previous games in Turin. After the 2018 Winter Games, Canada has won 170 medals, 73 Gold, 64 Silver and 62 Bronze.

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Finland – 167 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Finland have competed in every Winter Olympics since it began in 1924. During this period the nation has won 161 medals across various events. In 1984, they experienced their most successful Winter Olympics with 13 medal winners.

Sweden – 158 Medals

winter olympics medal count

In recent Winter Olympics, Sweden have enjoyed their most successful period winning, 14 medals at the 2006 Turin Games, 11 at Vancouver in 2010 and more recently 15 in Sochi in 2014. Over their 144 medal haul, 57 of these were Gold, 46 Silver and 55 Bronze.

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Switzerland – 153 Medals

winter olympics medal count

Switzerland have always been extremely competitive at the Winter Olympics. Their won their most medals in Calgary in 1988 with 15 medals. To date, as a nation they have won 138 medals respectively.

Russia – 120 Medals

winter olympics medal count

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia returned to the Winter Olympics in 1994 as Russia. They have enjoyed a very successful time in doing so by winning 120 medals. 47 of these medals were Gold, 38 Silver and 35 Bronze. They make up the 10th spot on the list of the all-time Winter Olympics medal count.

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Can Norway continue their dominant success over in the Winter Olympics or will the United States close the gap?

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