Best Sports for Overall Exercise

PledgeSports are deeply interested in health, fitness and exercising alike. We want to provide a list of sports for you that will aid you in getting the best overall workout for your body. Debating what the best sports for overall exercise is very difficult, however we believe that these 10 sports below will definitely help you and steer you in the right direction for that overall body workout.

Here is the 10 Sports that will test your body for the best overall exercise – 

Squash –


Squash, an indoor racket sport that demands agility, speed and endurance, has been proven to be one the best sports you can play for overall exercise. Not only do you need to have tremendous stamina but you also have to flexible and have excellent muscular endurance to withstand those long, intense rallies. If you are thinking on playing a game of squash, you really should, play by yourself or grab a friend. With hours of endless of fun, your body is will be like a burning calorie machine by the end of it.

The most physically challenging sports

Rowing –

Yes, Rowing as a sport is an excellent way for you to achieve that overall body workout. Rowing just might be the most efficient exercise ever. With each stroke, pretty much every part of the body is used. If you cannot get out on the lake, the next best thing is a rowing machine at your local gym. People think it’s all arms, but rowing is much more legs and core combined. If you want to sweat it out, and get almost every muscle in the body working together then rowing may be your answer.

Swimming –

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether it be in a recreational form or professional, swimming is extremely popular among young and old. Recreational swimming can provide you with a low-impact workout and its also a good way to relax and feel good. At competitive level, the intensity is obviously increased therefore leading to more overall results and impacting greatly on your stamina.

The best sports to do for weight loss

Swimming is a good all-round activity because it:

  • keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body
  • builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.

Cross Country Skiing –


If you ever get the chance to cross country ski, you are in for a complete overall body workout. You will need excellent stamina to handle those uphill slopes and also excellent core and upper body strength to drag your body in the direction you want to. It may not be accessible to everyone but for cardio and fat burning its definitely one of the best sports for losing weight and getting that complete overall exercise in!

The best sports to play for fitness

Basketball –

Basketball will help you burn fat, relax, strengthen up your cardiovascular system and build team spirit all at once. It is a great team sport that will allow you to get that excellent workout in and tire all upper and lower muscles at once. It takes great endurance to run up and down the basketball court for the duration of a game. Combine this endurance with athleticism and power you need to be in excellent shape with withstand a full game. Basketball may be not seem like a sport for overall exercise but it sure is!

Tennis –

Tennis is a sport that requires a well-rounded athlete able to be as explosive as a sprinter, yet have adequate staying power to last marathon five-setters. Without a doubt, Tennis can give you best results for losing weight or getting fit as it is a complete body workout that can work your body immensely. Long rallies, intense pressure, excellent hand-eye co-ordination and tremendous power all contribute to some of battles you face when playing tennis.

The 10 healthiest sports

Cycling –


Riding a bike is one of the best cardiovascular exercises out there. You can always throw in a competitive edge when you are out cycling like challenging yourself to get somewhere faster and beat a time you previously had. As a sport, road racing and track racing involve every inch of the human body to work together in order to achieve glory. Of course, lower body strength and stamina play a huge part in this. So if you want to take up cycling as a sport, you are in for a complete overall exercise that will improve whatever goals you have set out to smash!

The best exercises for fitness

Boxing –

Boxing is probably the ultimate test of physical and mental stamina in sport. Incredibly quick footwork, the ability to throw accurate, fast and powerful punches for 12 three-minute rounds while also trying to avoid punches from an opponent who is intent on knocking you out, so it is hard to argue that boxing is incredibly demanding on the body. Whether is prep for a fight or on fight night, boxing will provide you the best overall exercise in order for you to get in shape and see what you are really all about.

The most dangerous sports

Gymnastics –


You have to admire Gymnasts work ethic and desire to achieve extreme body demands whether it be spinning in circles on the high bar, flipping and grabbing the bar again or jolting yourself 15 foot in the air from the vault. It is arguably the toughest sport both mentally and physically. If you are anyway into gymnastics and feel you take on the long days of practice and workouts, then it is definitely a sport that demands overall body exercise.

The ultimate Endurance sports

Running –

Whether it be marathon running or just the casual light jog in the park, running is one of the easiest and best sports for losing weight appeals to many people around the world. Of course, running takes alot of endurance, stamina and body stregth to withlast those longer distances. Many running athletes have rigorous exercise regimes in order for them to be in tip top shape before race day. So if you think you can run compeitively or maybe just a hobbie, it is definitely worth your time and it is for sure one of the best sports for overall exercise that you can do.


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