Top 10 Adventure Sports

Do you thrive on the rush of adrenaline and pushing your heart rate to the limit? Adventure sports are probably the fix you desire.

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Maybe youre considering dabbling in adventure sports, or maybe youre already an aficionado. Either way, heres the 10 adventure sports you should definitely get involved in!

10. Scuba Diving

Feel the need to go beyond the confines of a swimming pool? Scuba diving could be for you.

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This adventure sport may not be the most heart-stopping one on our list, but it definitely ticks the €œadventure€ box as putting on the scuba gear gives you licence to roam deep below sea level, exploring the incredible wildlife and terrain the sea has to offer.

9. Hiking

6-1024x683Often not considered to be an overly tough adventure sport, hiking is one of the best options on this list if youre looking for a mix of workout and exploration.

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While the sport entails trudging up trails and experience stunning mountain views, the physical exertion used to get there is a workout like no other. Hikers must navigate tricky surfaces and steep elevation changes to reach their destination. Rest assured, hiking will leave your muscles burning.

8. Mountain Biking

Not satisfied with hopping on your road bike and wheeling through the countryside? Mountain biking is the alternative you need to boost the excitement factor because rest assured when youre tearing down a mountain trail you may never want to return to your road saddle.

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With every corner, jump and descent you will navigate loose terrain, tree roots and rocks, which really adds to the excitement and unpredictability of this adventure sport.

7. Bungee Jumping

19391531310_df89dcc210_bA pioneer for adventure sports, bungee jumping is almost certainly the most adrenaline youll ever experience, particularly in such a short timeframe.

Just a warning, bungee jumping isnt for everyone. However, throwing yourself off a platform +100 metres above the surface provides a rush like no other. Im pretty sure whoever coined the phrase €œlife flash before your eyes€ was inspired by bungee jumping. Its insane.

6. Orienteering

Orienteering is to jogging what cycling is to mountain biking €“ if you need a bigger buzz than pounding the roads for mile after mile then orienteering is the adventure sport for you.

While running is usually the core skill for orienteering, the strategy behind the sport is what gives it a true sense of exploration. Competitors must use a map to navigate their way from checkpoint to checkpoint in the race, and each segment of the race must be completed within a designated time window.

5. Hand Gliding

DCIM100GOPROOne of the closest things youll ever get to being a bird, hand gliding is one of those adventure sports everyone should try at some point in their lives because its so enjoyable.

Now, operating a hand glider in the air does, of course, come with a bit of danger. But there are lots of classes and training available before you ever have to take full responsibility for navigating for yourself.

Beware, once you try this sport you may never want to stop. Amazing.

4. Rock Climbing

Scaling a mountain or cliff face might sound scary at first, but rest-assured modern safety equipment and qualified teachers make it one of the most accessible adventure sports to get started and fall in love with. And believe us, you probably will fall in love with it.

Rock climbing is great because it has adventure at its core. Its adventure in its simplest form, using body strength to navigate the earths natural formations. Also, whether you like heights or not, the fact you can be suspended many metres above ground always adds that extra buzz.

3. Kayaking

kayaking-1122520_960_720Whether youre looking for a quiet, scenic paddle or a battling down some roaring rapids, kayaking is an adventure sport that caters for the masses. Its also very accessible with most lakes and rivers harbouring rentals on their banks. If you are

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Its also very accessible with most lakes and rivers harbouring rentals on their banks. If you are going to throw yourself in at the deep end, be careful, Water rapids are unpredictable and dangerous, especially if youre not sure what to do. Kayaking is a real shot in the arm, but give it the respect it deserves too.

2. Caving

Known as spelunking in the US and Canada, caving is the exploration of non-commercial caves. Often, through caving, participants find hidden gems along the coastlines of their respective countries.

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This idea of exploration and discovery adds a sense of mystery to caving, making it a true adventure sport. Caving enthusiasts will tell you it is a pure adventure sport, ready and accessible for participants of all levels of experience.

1. Cliff Diving

3782483177_c9936ecda7_bNo mystery in this one, cliff jumping is simply hurtling yourself off a cliff into the sea. But, as simple as it sounds, it is one of the easiest and most enjoyable adrenaline rushes you can possibly attain.

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All you need is the bottle, and suddenly youre mid-air, plummeting towards the sea, your insides doing their best to escape through your mouth. And its bloody fantastic.

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