8 Richest Football Clubs In England

Every year Deloitte release their Football Money League which documents the eye-watering revenue generated by the richest football clubs on the planet, and more often than not a good chunk of them are English, so weve done our league of the richest football clubs in England.

PledgeSports have helped many teams and clubs fundraise for football, but the teams we have worked with are on the opposite end of the scale to the ten listed below.

Without further ado, here are the richest football clubs in England.

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8. Leicester €“ £128.7 million


Leicester City rocked the football world when they won the Premier League for the first time in their 132-year club history.

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The Foxes historic victory out them in the top 10 richest football clubs in England for the first time ever €” their £128.7 million is five times greater than their 2013/14 season just two years ago.

7. West Ham €“ £143.8 million

Despite ongoing disputes with club superstar Dimitri Payet, club form has helped the Hammers break into Deloittes ranking.

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Their acquisition of the Olympic Stadium €” now London Stadium €” will undoubtedly increase earnings next year.

6. Tottenham €“ £209.2 million


Spurs second place finish in the Premier League last season was their best in club history. This, teamed with vastly increased broadcasting income and a renovated White Hart Lane in 2018 means that the North London club should be brimming with confidence €” financially, at least.

5. Liverpool €“ £302 million

Despite a prolonged absence from the Champions League, Jurgen Klopps side has held onto ninth place for the third consecutive year.

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The Merseyside outfit can expect an increase in revenue next season as their Anfield stadium will return to full capacity following renovations.

4. Chelsea €“ £334.6 million

Chelsea v Leicester City - Premier League

Through the backing of their billionaire Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, its rare to see Chelsea rank outside the top five richest football clubs.

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Stamford Bridge stadium has under expansion works which will help the coffers but the Abramovich problems and the sale imminent sale of the club may reverse this.

3. Arsenal €“ £350.4 million

Matchday revenues keep Arsenal in the five of the richest football clubs in England and its no wonder €“ a season ticket to watch Wengers men fight for 4th is the most expensive in Britain at £1014.

2. Manchester City €“ £392.6 million

This is the first time Manchester City have breached the top two richest football clubs in England. Abu Dhabi-owned City had their best ever Champions League run last season after they lost out to eventual winners, Real Madrid, in the semi-finals.

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The hiring of Pep Guardiola is expected to bring more success to the side in the near future.

1. Manchester United €“ £513.3 million


The €˜Red Devils have never been far from the top three €” briefly toppling out during their 2012/13 season under David Moyes €” but this is the first time theyve hit the top spot in over a decade. The club benefited financially from huge sponsorship deals with Chevrolet and Adidas and a return to the Champions League.

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